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I am a lady of style, an awesome model and graceful dancer with an amazing talent for massage & charm which is guaranteed to take you to a place you have never been before. I offer you an hour or two of friendship and innovative massage which will re-invigorate you for your busy life. Imagine the scene: a quiet meditative atmosphere in candlelight with a black princess making you the center of her attention while she works her magic fingers over your body - melting away those aches & pains, adroitly relieving your tensions with healing hands and totally relaxing you. 



To achieve this I use the best of various professional massage techniques (stroking, kneading, squeezing - percussive, frictional, bio-dynamic - long, short, circular - light, gentle, firm, vigorous, deep) and intuitively mix & match them with aroma-therapy specifically designed to provide you with maximal remedial benefit. It is essential that we fill the room with silence during the session so please don´t feel you have to talk - we can do that when we meet and after my therapy has worked it´s magic. With your co-operation I will be able take you to a place you have never been before but you must relax your mind before I can relax your body.



This process is better than sex!  Sex merely releases the energy from the genitals where it is trapped due to blockages that are built up by the high pressures of modern day living. Yes, sex will make you feel good for a while but my kind of massage frees the blockages and enables the trapped energy to spread throughout the body and makes you feel like you´ve never felt before - well not since you were a care-free child. The pleasure & the benefits will last much longer than the temporary relief that sex provides and you´ll feel so good about yourself that what previously seemed like a chore to be put off until tomorrow will become something you can´t wait to get done today. Such a small investment for such a large return - it should be in your business plan!

£60 per hour - 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hour packages available - please email for details. If you´re short of cash and would like to pay online please use the Pay Now button.

Do email me if you have any questions or want to arrange a booking for tomorrow or later but if you want an appointment today please text 07767-618145.  If you want a morning appointment please give me at least 2 hours notice.  If you arrive early by all means text to let me know but please don´t expect me to respond before the appointed time as I may well be with another client.

I can also offer you a special foot massage session - spa, massage, nail trimming and generally pamper you for half an hour. I recommend an hour or two of whole body massage followed by this for an extra £35. 

- SAC Dip (Massage)
- experienced crisis counsellor
- ballroom, latin and salsa dance teacher
- school teacher.

Please see my FAQ further down this page for details of the services I offer and the services I don´t!

Please do not insult me by asking whether I offer sexual services.  I never have and I never will!  My magic hands are for sale not my body.  They will do wonderful things to your body and make you smile for a week! I am looking forward to seeing you and believe you me, you will never have been seen to like this before . . .

It doesn't take much to make me smile - book me and I'll make you smile for a week!



Q. Can I have a half hour session?
A. Yes, I do an introductory half hour session for £35 (or 45mins for £45) but I do recommend 1.5 to 2 hours for maximum benefit!
Q. Do you offer any sexual services?
A. My body is not for sale - only my hands. I offer a totally comprehensive massage experience with a totally gorgeous princess. If you want more details please email me.
Q. Princess?
A. Yes, in my home country I am a princess - how many times have you been massaged by a real princess! 
Q. Are you a clock watcher?
A. Not at all. I will greet you as if you are my best friend and treat you like a prince. That´s the way I am - I always want anybody with me to feel as good as I do - always!
Q. Do you massage me naked?
A. You take your clothes off, I keep mine on and give you a great massage!
Q. What can I do and what can´t I do?
Do what I say and don´t touch me!
Q. Can I have a shower afterwards?
A. Yes of course. Shampoo, shower gel, body cream, glove flannel & a clean bath towel are provided for your quality power shower.
Q. Which days and times are you available?
A. Monday to Sunday: 10am to 9pm.  Earlier or later times are negotiable providing you give plenty of notice - at least 2 hours. I usually work during bank holidays!

To be reasonably certain of getting the day/time you want, please contact me the previous day.  If you are a busy man and can´t predict when you will be available, contact me anyway and I will do my best to fit you in on the day.  Please text 07767-618-145 for last minute appointments or delays - ie anything less than 2 hours notice - not email which should in any case only be used for initial contact.  
I am a qualified professional masseuse and can provide whatever kind of massage is required for specific problems including sports injuries and back problems.  I recommend at least an hour to ensure a good result and recommend that specific massage therapy is combined with whole body massage for a completely relaxing experience.

I recommend 2 hours of whole body massage for a session guaranteed to relax as you have never been relaxed before.  If you want to float on air as well as smile for a week, I also recommend including foot pampering.

Please be advised that many of my clients have become addicted to my massage services and keep coming back again and again.

On the other hand it´s better than those other addictions like smoking, drinking or gambling - particularly the latter as there´s no chance of you not having a blissful session. Also, unlike those other addictions, it will improve your health and is therefore worth every penny.


"You made me so relaxed I felt like I was floating in space!"

"You have the touch of an Angel . . . you took me to heaven and back!"

"You´re even more beautiful in person than you are in that stunning picture of you in that little blue dress!"

"Great body massage - next time I want the foot pampering too!"

"I´m floating on air after that foot massage you gave me yesterday!"

"I loved the way you greeted me with a glowing smile and proceeded to melt away my cares until I glowed inside too!"

"That´s the best massage I´ve ever had in my entire life!"

"WOW!! Jane was sooooo good I was unable to perform normally and didn´t come down from the cloud she took me to until 5 hours after my massage from heaven."

"I biked down from Oxford to seen to by this lady and will be doing it again and again and again ..."

"Jane apologised after our last session because of the loud noise from the men who had turned up unexpectedly to saw down a nearby tree. I had no idea what she was talking about!"

"I was planning to see you again next week but I just had to see you tonight!"

"I drive from Kent every weekend to see this gorgeous lady for 3 hours - believe me she is well worth the journey!"

"Amazing massage from a lovely woman! So relaxed afterwards. Thanks again and I´ll be seeing you very very soon. X"

"Lovely girl, great massage. Just switch off, relax & enjoy. Thanks"

"A lovely lady, a fantastic massage, highly recommended"

"A wonderful experience and will return thank you x"

"An excellent service from a very professional lady - highly recommended"

"Punctual, clean room with good facilities, gorgeous girl and stunning service"

"Very nice lady very particular - I like that"

"Incredible pampering experience!"

"Excellent massage just what I needed after a busy weekend, highly recommend"

"Your a lovely lady, thank you so much. Looking forward to my next visit x"

"I would gladly recommend this service if you want to reinvigorate your tired body brilliant massage"

"Once again a lovely experience, with a lovely young lady"

"My second visit to Jane and even better than the first. Jane is stunning, friendly, genuine and creates a wonderfully sensuous and relaxing atmosphere xxx"

"Superb...brilliant masseuse...will go again"

"Very professional, very skilled, very friendly. A delightful experience. I am happy to recommend booking this charming lady."

"Beautiful, intelligent, charming lady. A wonderful experience. Will I return? Oh yes!"

"Would definitely visit again... brilliantly relaxing massage"

"I had a fantastic time and will book again X"

"Simply fantastic!"

"I have visited before and for the second time had an hour of pleasure EXCELLENT MASSAGE thank you Jane xx"

"Again an excellent service from a very professional lady. Highly recommended."

"A loverly experience. I will return soon. Thank you x"

"Jane is a lovely sensitive Lady I had a great relaxing massage And was floating on air by the end. I will be back thank you Jane."

"Jane is a real delight - everything perfect, have a good hol - CU in June."

"On time, Jane knows her massage technique and uses it very effectively."

"Jane is Amazing, made me feel wonderful – thank you so much"

"Clean quiet discrete pad, really knows her trade, will definitely book again thnx Princess!"

"Jane is very intelligent ultra sexy and gives the best service ever . Jane takes total care and make certain you are totally satisfied. Thanks Jane I will be back!"

"This was one of the best experiences I have ever had, this girl is a gem, Thank you very much for a very pleasant massage."

"An excellent and professional massage service. Highly recommended and very relaxing!"

"Went for longer session. Massage brilliant. Still not long enough with the lovely Jane."

"Wonderful relaxing massage in a very pleasant setting - hope to get back soon"

"Wow - what a massage, an absolute delight. Jane relaxes and excites at the same time. Fantastic!!"

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful time .I never thought it could but it gets better each time I see you"

"Easy friendly booking .Very pleasant room with shower also available. State of the art massage table. I had a massage which was just perfect."

"Jane was very friendly and I immediately felt relaxed. The service was as expected, and left me wanting more - I should have booked for a longer session!"


"Great service, wonderful massage I can highly recommend her."

"Very good massage, friendly and stunning, highly recommended"

"The best massage I have ever had, treat her with respect guys!!"

"On arrival she had a nice smile, was made welcome. She offered a drink had a chat for only a while, then i had one of the best massage´s ever."

"This lady is unforgettable, Thank you so much darling see you again soon"

"Had a fantastic time with a very beautiful lady :-) Cannot wait for next time - thank you x"